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Nutrition at Minidoo


We all want our children to thrive both physically and mentally. How your child eats today will have an effect on their health, both now and in the future. You are what you eat is a popular mantra that rings true for all, especially in the first five years of life when children are growing at a phenomenal rate.

Healthy nutrition is one of our key pillars.

We know how crucial it is for babies and children to stay fuelled on the right foods. We also recognise the importance of introducing a diverse range of delicious flavours to encourage good, healthy eating habits for the future.


That is why Minidoo partnered with Busy Bees project to offer the most nutrient and tasty hot meals and snacks.

Healthy assortment of yellow foods

Buzy Bees

The mission of  Busy Bees is to deliver a local  (mainly Kanton Zug or Aegeri farmers and butchers), seasonal, organic food (Demeter-hot, Bio labelled) with a focus on plant food.


Their Swiss chefs are experienced nutrition specialists applying Ayurvedic principles in their gastronomic activity.

Screenshot 2021-04-14 at 17.01.20.png

Our menu offers balanced and varied meals following the Swiss food pyramid's criteria.


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